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Utopia Project*
An Opt-In Society with the Goal of
Creating a Sustainable Utopian Universe for Everybody & Everyone!

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Bee Free!
Bee Peaceful!

+ Love to Learn & Learn to Love!

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Pharrell Williams - Happy
David Guetta - Work Hard, Play Hard
Fergie & Guetta - No Gettin' over it!

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Bee Free!
Be Peaceful!

Bee Peaceful: What this means...

It means that instead of using some form of physical, psychological, verbal or any other form of abuse to solve a problem in your life, you think of & enact more creative and peaceful solutions to whatever problem comes your way.

If a particular person is the problem, then avoid them as much as possible if you can. If you are stuck with him or her for certain periods over which you have no choice; here are some other ideas:

*Research a part of the world much worse off than where you are and get some perspective on your problems..

*Think about what this problem person may say to you and think plus practice what you would say back so that you're more prepared and feel more empowered..

*Don't react i.e. 'bite-back' to their negative comments so always take the higher ground by responding intelligently & peacefully thereby keeping the power that is your right to have..

*Learn as much as possible in everything you're interested in..

If your problem involves a group of people, employ the same suggestions given above but swap 'problem person' with 'problem people' and also try the following:

*If they are aggressive towards you, be brave and stand UP* for yourself but always act intelligently & peacefully back. By doing this you'll gain a new respect and make them confused because they were expecting you to animalistically 'bite-back' or passively put up with their abuse..

*Hold your abusers to account in order to get what you want - usually abusive people are 'wolves in sheep clothing' meaning they don't want others to know of their wrongdoings therefore it is possible to coerce abusive people by with-holding incriminating evidence against them in order to force them to follow your fair terms!

*Practice being aware of every situation you're in & practice intelligently-peacefully-lovingly navigating it!

*Remember to stay a Humble Bumble-bee with your new found sUP*er powers!;-)

Bee Free!
Bee Free!

Within the guidelines of your Universal Rights as a Living Being beginning with Original Sovereign Tribal Federation - Universal Rights & following the Universal Love Rules when going onwards, UP*wards & beyond..!

Be Free: What this means...

It means to be an autonomous individual & Living Bee-ing who does whatever he or she likes while keeping him or herself accountable to the rights and responsibilities everyone on earth & beyond has.

In order to be truly free, we advise you to:

*Consider & Respect the Universal Rights of others whether you agree-with/like them or not.

*Live UP* to whatever responsibilities you have (At work; as an employer, employee, manager etc. At School; as a Student, Teacher etc. At Home; as a Child, Mother or Father, Brother or Sister, Housemate etc. Anywhere you go, try your best to be the best & let others do the same!)

*Also, Stand UP* for your Universal Rights if you feel someone or group of people are mis-treating your Universal Rights (including when medical authorities or any authority attempts to override ANY of your Universal Rights)! Rights that protect everybody & everyone from any form of abuse e.g. financial abuse, medical abuse, physical & psychological abuse, spiritual abuse &/or any other form of Universal Rights abuse.

*Stand UP* for the Universal Love Rules of people you care for - including yourself!

If your give up your autonomy, you give up your freedom! If you give up your freedom, you give up your Universal Rights! That's why UP* members/participants are encouraged to peacefully stand UP* for their rights and the rights of others who they choose to!

We also have the right to follow the lead of others to whatever degree we see fit so long as it fits within the grounds of your Universal Rights as a Living Being beginning with Original Sovereign Tribal Federation - Universal Rights & following the Inter-Galactic Universal Love Rules when going onwards, UP*wards & beyond..!

*Here at Utopia Project we believe that ANY EROSION OF OUR RIGHTS is ALWAYS the WRONG way so better solutions must be found!

Therefore, in regards to recent happenings i.e. Corona Virus, the "keep my Universal Rights intact" soulution could have been the two-edge sword approach to fully suit-up like a health-worker with a life & business-as-usual approach & attitude! Sweden did half but both are necessary to prevent economic & social collapse!!

The argument on Medical grounds is that a restriction of our Universal Rights is justified under such circumstances however we, of Utopia Project, believe that ANY EROSION OF OUR RIGHTS is ALWAYS the WRONG way so better solutions must be found that keep our Universal Rights intact! Another example is if i travel to the Moon or Mars, i need the correct PPE or i will die. Same goes with any life & death situation, the appropriate level of PPE will help keep all our Rights intact & keep the vast majority of our economic & social activities going uninterrupted.

So, as always & especially now, it is clear that when we hold our UNIVERSAL RIGHTS AS TOP PRIORITY in our lives, lifestyles & Societies, we find THE BEST SOLUTIONS to any problem plus increase the peace, happiness, healthiness & wealth to the possible maximums!

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